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festforallwomyn's Journal

Michfest Needs Trans Womyn
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Fest For All Womyn

Our Info (A work in progress)


Fest For All Womyn exists to promote welcoming and including Trans Womyn at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, to counter Transphobia and Trans Misogyny at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, and to support Trans Womyn who choose to attend the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival.

Membership in Fest For All Womyn is open to all persons willing to support and work for these goals regardless of gender.

Transphobic comments, misogynistic comments, trans misogynistic comments, racist comments, ableist comments, ageist comments and classist comments will not be tolerated. Such comments may be deleted and/or the individuals responsible may be removed from the Fest For All Womyn LJ at the discretion of the maintainers.

Fest For All Womyn supports Womyn-Only Space at Festival and does not promote or support any men attending Festival. We also support the continuing existence of the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival and will not support or condone any tactics designed to damage or end that organization. We believe that including and welcoming Trans Womyn benefits Festival.

Fest For All Womyn does not represent the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival organizers or Camp Trans organizers and cannot speak for either organization. Organizers of either group are welcome to join Fest For All Womyn.



Fest For All Womyn grew out of Yellow Armbands. When a former organizer retired and froze the Yellow Armbands LJ we decide to change our name. (For details of Yellow Armbands see http://community.livejournal.com/yellowarmbands/profile )

The name Yellow Armbands had started to get some recognition, but it had some disadvantages. Some Jewish persons found the name offensive. Some people thought the name sounded like a group supporting the war in Iraq. Yellow at Fest symbolizes Brother Sun, the camp for young boys. The name has no meaning for anyone who hasn't attended Festival or Camp Trans in recent years. And because Camp Trans handed out yellow armbands for the last few years the name made some
Womyn at Fest see YA as an extension of Camp Trans and not as the separate organization that it was.

The new name, Fest For All Womyn, while long, packs a lot of meaning into those four words.

"Fest" means that we focus our energies on and at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. We support the continued existence of Festival, and many of our members attend Festival.

"For" means that we focus our energies in a positive manner. We work to support and empower pro-inclusion Festies and to educate womyn who remain undecided. We don't seek confrontation although we won't shy from it.

"All" means that while we focus on the inclusion of Trans Womyn, we do so because Trans Womyn have a herstory of facing exclusion and disrespect from Festival. Trans Womyn belong, not as a special group, but as one group of womyn among all the others already welcome at Fest. Promoting inclusion benefits many womyn, not just Trans Womyn. It benefits the Womyn who
want to attend Fest with their Trans Womon friends, lovers, and sisters alongside them. It benefits the Womyn who won't attend Fest while Trans Womyn face discrimination there. It benefits the Womyn who attend Fest, but feel bad about other Womyn facing dicrimination there. It benefits the Womyn who want the Womyn who won't attend because of this issue to
attend. It benefits Womyn in Feminist, Womyn's and Lesbian communities divided over this issue. It benefits Womyn who haven't had the chance to get to know Trans Womyn in their own communities, who can get that chance at Fest. It benefits Womyn who misunderstand Trans Womyn based on writings or bad experiences by giving them a chance to correct those misunderstandings. And it Benefits womyn who attend Fest and don't even care about inclusion, because welcoming all Womyn strengthens Festival.

"Womyn" means as Feminists we put Womyn first. We support Fest as a Womyn only space. We avoid
misogynistic language and behavior in our activism. We do our best to avoid anything that will harm or disrespect Womyn, including those who disagree with us.

"Fest For All Womyn" defines us as an organization and defines how we choose to operate.



Who can get involved? You can! Anyone who cares about inclusion can get involved regardless of gender, ability to attend Fest, or amount of time available.

A partial list of ideas for involvement follows sorted by whether or not they require Fest membership.


Involvement for Anyone:

Join the LJ!

Tell a friend about Fest For All Womyn. Especially please tell Trans Womyn and Womyn who attend Fest.

Promote Fest For All Womyn on a relevant LJ or e-mail list.

Contribute ideas and suggestions to the LJ. (Including ideas for additional ways to get involved)

Donate money or useful items or services. Camping gear or printing services are especially useful. We'll publish a list of needed items on the LJ from time to time.

Speak up for inclusion of Trans Womyn (or any excluded group of minority womyn) in your own area and then tell us about it on the LJ.

Educate yourself about Trans Womyn's issues and speak up when people disrespect us online or in your community.

Work with our organizers to create a website, Myspace page, or other online presence for Fest For All Womyn

Monitor online spaces hostile to trans womyn and speak the truth without malice.

Start an organization to work with minority womyn on other examples of exclusion and tell us about it here.


Involvement for Womyn at Fest:

Wear an armband, button, T-shirt or other symbol of support for inclusion.

Welcome Trans Womyn you meet on the land.

Come to one or more of Fest For All Womyn lunch or dinner meetings.

Help put up fliers. (Also help replace fliers that get torn down)

Speak out if you hear a transphobic or trans misogynistic comment on the land.

Camp with Fest For All Womyn.

Help out with setting up and tearing down camp, showing Trans Womyn around Fest, or other tasks.

Build pro-inclusion connections among Festival workers and organizers. (Pro-inclusion folks exist in these groups, but tend to stay quiet.)

Speak up for inclusion in a relevant way at a workshop or gathering without disrupting the gathering.

Plan a workshop or an activist action with other Fest For All Womyn members.


In addition to sharing ideas for involvement on the LJ, you may also contact organizers by e-mail.

Lorrraine: lorrraineAD@yahoo.com
Miranda: mirandusaum@gmail.com
Raisa: mirrizimm@alexandria.cc
Ruth: lady_with_an_axe@yahoo.com