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hello lovely members!!!

i am writing today to start some action conversations. my partner and i had been planning all year to shake shit up this year at Michigan. then YA froze itself (like the way i say that – ha)…then CT decided not to have a representative inside the gates…then there were some posts circling around about people not going to Michigan this year at all to fight. i was hugely disappointed. especially since i truly believe that last year was a pivotal breaking point in this fight. yes, there were competing press releases that took me down a notch – but i still believe that what happened was a huge step. after some emails with partner and i decided to give it another year. why? well, while i support Camp Trans whole-heartedly, i do believe that inside work is also hugely valid in winning this fight. when CT started sending jess_s inside the gates, i could see & feel the change from within. when the YA’s finally started officially organizing inside the gate, i could also feel & see the change from within. and while i think that CT is very very very valid in this fight…i believe that it is through the collaboration of inside, outside & boycott efforts that will eventually change this policy. and i am still very much behind the idea that Lisa Vogel is merely a land owner whereas the womyn that attend the festival are what make/create/sustain/love the festival. so i believe that changing hearts (one at a freaking time, if need be) on the inside is where this movement is going to flourish. and i believe that if we add inside work and add CT and add the boycotts and add the work done by all other groups into a fight fought in solidarity ---we have a movement coming from all angles that is so strong that it is unbreakable and undeniable.

sorry for the long-winded-ness of my words. basically, i still haven’t bought my ticket this year because i still don’t have enough money. i’m hoping to have it by the end of this week to get the discounted rate. so keep your fingers crossed for me. now, to the point of my post…

lets start brainstorming some ideas of action inside the gate this year:

1. Pan & i had thought about the aspect of having people right inside the gate with signs. welcoming people and putting it in faces right away that trans-inclusion is wanted by people INSIDE as well as the outside. what else can we do? are we sticking with the yellow bands? while i hate the fact that people equate it with Brother Sun and the war (etc), i also think that it is something that is starting to gain momentum. or, we could pick a totally different color and move from there. gold lame’!?!?!?! (always thinking like a femme).

2. what are the plans if an out trans womyn is not permitted to enter this year? we do not feel as though we can, in good conscience, still camp inside the gates if this occurs. any thoughts?
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