cunt a liscious, Momma, Slut-Puppy #7, Girl (madame_liscious) wrote in festforallwomyn,
cunt a liscious, Momma, Slut-Puppy #7, Girl

thank you

i have not had the time to sit and write out my thoughts about this past week yet.  i know that when i do, i will have a million things to say.  until then, i just want to say thank you to everyone.  this year had an energy that i have never felt before at fest.  and that energy felt like change.  i was a small peice of many discussions both publicly and privately that, for some reason, felt very different than in past years.  the festival goers seemed to be coming at these conversations this year with their hearts more open to discussion.  it was also amazing to see a vast majority of the people in these discussions being older womyn.  not that younger womyn are not a huge part of this...but it was nice to see older womyn more interested in hearing all sides and speaking their own truths & fears.

so.  until i have more time to think my thoughts out more...i say thank you to you all for doing the amazing work that needs so desperately to be done.
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