cunt a liscious, Momma, Slut-Puppy #7, Girl (madame_liscious) wrote in festforallwomyn,
cunt a liscious, Momma, Slut-Puppy #7, Girl

what else...

i'm printing signs this week.  i made a banner for people to carry at any given time.  i made a sign out of a sheet.  my friends are making mini buttton with Fest for All Womyn on them.  what else?  what are we missing?  

is the fabric taken care of?
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I'm on the fabric, although if you have any predominantly yellow fabric that you're fond of, feel free to use them.
i'll have a look but i think i am currently fabric'd out. my goal this year was to use all my scraps up. but i'll have a look.