cunt a liscious, Momma, Slut-Puppy #7, Girl (madame_liscious) wrote in festforallwomyn,
cunt a liscious, Momma, Slut-Puppy #7, Girl

am i getting too far ahead of myself???

i have zero time between now and festival.  but post festival - i shall have some time this fall.  lord knows i like to overbook myself anyhow. 

we had started talk on a website last year.  is this something that is currently in the works or does someone already have their hands in on it?  i am by no means a web genius, but i can build some basic pages together.  i think it would be yet another large stride for us as an organizational unit.   as long as people are willing/able to help with content and wording and ideas for what it should look like - i am game for giving it a build.  actually, i think that i shall check right now to see if has been taken - if not, i'll snatch it up for us.

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